Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather
Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather

Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet English Bridle Leather


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Long wallet "SURFS (SURFS)" who is a very active in the sophisticated form and on-off. Using high-quality English bridle leather, it is finished in a high quality gem full of luxury.

The English bridle leather that has been carefully tanned by the traditional technique of the American well-established Tanner "Wickett & Craig" in 1867.

Blylide means harness, and was born in Europe as a leather for horse fit. As a result, Bridol Leather is a tannin tanned thick and durable and durable his stairy-handed leather (more than two years of balletic leather), and his wax such as nephew, tallow, vegetable oil, etc. is final stage It is characterized by the fact that it is moved into and durable.

Wicket & Craig English Bridle has different finish atmosphere than the traditional Bridle Leather of Europe's traditional bridle leather.

A commonly known bridle leather spouts a white row component (bloom) on the surface of the leather, but the English bridle does not find it at all.

This is not the result that Wicket & Craig does not simply make the imitation of the European bridle leather, but in the unique interpretation and the result of pursing strength and durability.

Bridle leather is generally applied to leather silver surface (surface) and carries dose, dose and staining, but this English bridle does not share the silver surface.

The "fullgeline" specification that makes use of the strongest silver surface with leather as it is is characterized by higher durability compared to general bridle leather.

Mat expressions are gradually increased by using them, and at the same time the color is deepened to change aging aged. You can realize the rare rigidity that you can use, and you can use it for a long time.

The raw skin uses North American Angus Cow's innovation. Angus beef grazed and grown Angus cow is a crucible cow, and the thickness of the leather is 5 mm or more. (Currently, in Europe, it is a situation where more than 3 mm can be obtained)

Lesslessness of red meat leather is highly durable, and wrinkles when bent are highly durable, and wrinkles are finely noticeable.

In particular, english bridles are used to be carefully selected and used by the highest classes of rhinothies for leather representing Wicket & Craig.

After soaking the fence on a pit tank (Tannin tank), it is pulled up once, and there is a quality check, and only good ones are being distributed to the English bridle.

Beautifully processed Koba and fine stitching wide a sense of luxury, and it is finished in a good-looking long wallet that is suitable for adults. Private is a long wallet that looks good and suits suits.

Card stages × 6, wallet x 2, zipper coin purse and excellent storage capacity. In coin purse, the Wild Swans's logo is imprinted and stamped.

In the pull-off zipper pull, Wild Swans's S is engraved, and it is finished into a detail that feels worried about the detailed part.

The back of the coin purse has a pocket that can be stored without breaking the bill.

The coin purse has a gusset only on one side, and it has been devised to make it easier to take out the change.

Vertical side Thickness
9.5 cm 19 cm 1.5 cm

brand 【Wildswans Wild Swans】
A leading leather brand that keeps leaving the greatest theme of "Durable and good, good, good condition" to the greatest theme. Leather products that make up the finest materials with the best technology are powerful. Valuable existence that tastes sophisticated adult leather.
Product name Wildswans Wild Swans Surfs Surfs Long Wallet
Material Wicket & Craig Inglish Bridle Leather (Cowhide)
Country of origin Japan

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As much as possible, the product is always in full stock, but it is often sold out for popular products.
Because Wild Swans is manufactured with handmade, once it is sold out once
The time may take a lot of time to arrive.

If there is a product stock, we recommend that you meet early.
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About arrival timing
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If it is early, there is something that arrives within one month,Basically, there are many cases where waiting for several monthsWe now have.
Especially if a good stiff skin does not arrive,When waiting for more than one year after half a yearYou also have.
Because Wild Swans produces high quality products, production can not be performed unless the well skin in good condition can not be secured.
Excuse me, but please make a reservation after understanding.

About progress guidance of reserved products
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We will contact you as soon as you arrive. Please note.

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About stock production and lack of B products
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Canceled and refunded.

Cancellation, change
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Thank you in advance for your understanding.

As you ordered, we consider that you agree with the reservation provision.
Excuse me, but please understand and cooperate.

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