Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&
Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men&

Canada Gous Armstrong Hoody Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody 5076m Men's Lightweight Down Jacket Nippon Masago Sazabby League 2021


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■ If the product has elapsed for one week after the product arrives
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■ When using a product
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■ About the return of the product received as a gift
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Lightweight down of Canada Goose "Armstrong Hoody".
It is a convenient piece that can carry with a packable function that can be stored in the left internal pocket. Very light and warm Lightweightdown is ideal for the climate in Japan. Feel free to feathe and are the best down jacket that is fashionable.

※ All of our Canado Gus all products are domestic regular products from Sota Bee League. There are no parallel imports, fakes, etc., so please order with confidence. If you order a product that is stocked by a day of 12:00, it is also possible to ship the same day.

A full-scale brand "Canado Gus" that keeps making this man's man's man is founded as an outdoor garment specialized workshop in his 1957. First of all, a full-scale construction of a full-scale faction that aims to make the people who focused on people who work in areas near the Arctic area, acclaimed from the famous mountain climbing team and the Antarctic Exploration Corps, and many public special agencies such as police and military relationships are also adopted It reached. Changing Functional Gears, Canadian Goose, who continues to make a great trust and support, and established immobile status as a downbrand representative of Canada.

Light and warm light down
Armstrong Hoody popular as Lightdown in Canada Goose.
750 Fill Power The lightness and outstanding heat retention of luxury and the outstanding heat retention power are attractive. Lightweight, but with sufficient heat retention, it can be sufficiently cope with the cold of midwinter.

Packable with excellent portability
Armstrong Hoody with a packable function that can be folded and stored in the left internal pocket. It is possible to carry into a compact because it has a loop that can attach carabiner etc. It is a one that is active in the outdoor scene such as travel and camps.

Immeparable details
We adopt durable cordura fabric in wear area elbows and shoulders, sleeves and pockets. Enhanced sleeves and strawness are made to make sense of fit and take into consideration the ease of movement. The sleeve of Power Stretch with the thumb part is open and mitigates the motion deviation.

Functional design
Enclosure of the hood can increase the heat retention and make it easy to adjust the size with an adjustable adjustable adjuster. The back is equipped with a double stripe reflector that can be seen in the dark. The side pocket lining is warm and warm with tricot and comfort. The jacket is equipped with a zipper-type security pocket and a mesh-type drop pocket that also used at packable, and the storage capacity is also excellent.

Size table
size Width Landing shoulder width Sleeve Length
XS size 52 cm 73 cm 45 cm 69 cm
S size 55 cm 74 cm 46 cm 70 cm
M size 58 cm 75 cm 47 cm 72 cm
L size 61 cm 78 cm 49 cm 73 cm
XL size 63 cm 81 cm 50 cm 74 cm
※ Some errors may occur with the above size table data and actual dimensions.

Sense of size by staff

Staff nishiguchi
Height: 174 cm / body weight: 68 kg
Tops normal: M ~ L size
Bottoms normal: 32 to 33 inches

Chest: 91 cm / Shoulder width: 48 cm / Arm length: 57 cm
West (waist): 85 cm / around the thighs: 56 cm

Wear comment
It was just a good feeling of wearing in M ​​size for the inner shirt. It is a loose.
Not using arc tech fabrics in the outer surface, it is a very light-comfortable jacket in Canadian goose.
The sleeve rib is a warm and packable specification with Sam Hall who hides the hand's A. It is a down jacket that is useful for travel.

Product information
brand Canada Goose Canadagus
Established in Toronto in Canada in 1957. A brand that continues to provide professionals to professionals, such as people who live in the extremely crowd, the Antarctic Exploration Corps, Everest Climbing Corps. During the time to move the production area to Asia and foreign countries, the attitude that is committed to "Made In Canada" is attractive, with the strict product control and always continue innovation technologies. Give me the pleasure to wear the best down.
Product name Canada Goose Canadian Gus Armstrong Hoody Armstrong Hoody Men's 5076m
Material Square: 100% nylon
Different cloth: 100% nylon
Lining: 100% nylon
Cuffs: polyester 92% polyurethane 8%
Medium: down 90% feather 10%
Country of origin Canada

Size that suffered from Canada Goose, a lifetime. Which is your size? I think there are many customers who do not know that the size that suits you actually try out.

Therefore, in our shop to eliminate anxietyWe will pay only one shipping fee (one-way) for replacement.Moreover, as well as the size but also the arriving color is different from the image, etc.If you want to replace it with other colors, we will pay only once.

Size exchange is accepted only if there is a size. We recommend that you consider it as soon as the size is in place.

Notes on replacement
· Replacement is only one person. (Please bear again after the second time)

· It is limited to accessories such as tags only for unused trapping. (Depending on the condition, it becomes impossible to be replaced)

· It is only applicable if the product desired can be prepared. (If you are sold out, please understand)

· Return is not covered. It is only applicable to exchange.

Replacement flow
1. Please contact us by e-mail the product name, color and size to our shop.

2. Please send the product to our shop by prepayment. (Shipping cost is paid by customer)

3. As soon as the product arrives, we will ship the product for replacement by a principal. (Shipping fee burden)

4. After shipping is complete, you will receive shipping contact by email.

Reservation regulations (Please be sure to confirm before ordering)
  • This reservation product is scheduled to be delivered sequentially.
    We will contact you in the first-come, first-served basis.

    Also, thank you very much, but even if you make a reservation, it is due to cancellation and reduction in production.
    There are cases where stock can not be secured. Please note.

    In addition, if we have decided to cancel production and specifications, etc. for products that we have made a reservation,
    We will contact you soon, and we will continue to save orders as soon as we acknowledge.

    How to make a reservation order
    Please select your desired color and place your booking order in your cart.
    After putting it in the cart, it will be the same flow as a normal order.
    Please proceed along the cart's flow and confirm your order.
    We will give you a confirmation email from our shop on the next business day.
    As soon as the product is in arrival, we will send it out of contact.

    About arrival timing
    The arrival timing is different depending on the model, size and color, and it will be arrived sequentially.
    Excuse me, but I do not contact the arrival status, such as arrival delay. We will contact you as soon as you arrive.

    About bundled order
    Since the reserved product is different from normal arrival status, it can not be bundled with other products.
    Please order another product after completing the order procedure for the reserved product.

    About payment
    If you would like to pay by settlement other than cash on delivery, it will be prepaid.
    Please note that payments after the order date will occur even before the product shipping.

    About stock production and lack of B products
    If you can not prepare your desired product due to a total, a production and B products, etc.
    Canceled and refunded.
    Cash on delivery or bank transfer · · · Cancel
    Credit card settlement · · · Refund
    Sorry, thank you very much for your understanding.

    Cancellation, change
    Cancellation after reservation order, change can not be accepted for any reason.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    About replacement after delivery
    We accept exchanges only if you have the desired color or size stock.
    If you wish to be sold out, you can not receive it.

    As you ordered, we consider that you agree with the reservation provision.
    Excuse me, but please understand and cooperate.


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