Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&
Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men&

Canada Goose parka Wyndham fusion fit CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM PARKA FUSION FIT 3808MA Men's down jacket coat Japan Rolex Sotheby League 2021


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At the time of delivery
How to pass
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In return, please return with the tag such as the tag as it is.

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Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Minato Ward 4-4-23
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Cash on delivery, bank transfer ... will be refunded by bank transfer.
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If it comes to refund in a settlement cancellation, we will cancel the total money including the shipping fee. In the case of returned goods in the customer convenience, it will be a form that pays only the shipping cost from our shop regardless of the purchase price, and the shipping fee will be paid by bank transfer. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

※be careful
In the case of returned goods due to customer convenience, the refund amount is the amount of only products except shipping fee and cash on delivery fee.
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In addition, if it is refunded by bank transfer with a return by customer's convenience, we will subtract 300 yen (excluding tax) as a transfer fee.
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[Caution] There is no product inadequate, and the service of our shop does not matter.

If you do in the following cases, I can not accept returned goods.
■ If the product has elapsed for one week after the product arrives
This is not the case if our shop can not be contacted by a closed office. In that case, please contact me in advance by email.

■ When using a product
It will not be eligible for returned goods at the time of use, regardless of the frequency.

■ If the product is dirty or damaged
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■ About the return of the product received as a gift
All of the return procedures are conducted with your orderer. Therefore, please contact your orderer from requests such as returns and refund processing for gifts.

Stitching and side large pocket of which is disposed in the body is characteristic down jacket "WYNDHAM (Wyndham)".
Equipped with excellent detail in warmth, such as Chin warmers and cuffs rib to protect the chin from cold air.
Is a down jacket Canada Goose casual dress can enjoy.
While it has a modest room fusion fit (Asia project) finished in a stylish silhouette is the model.

※ Canada Goose all items of our shop is a genuine national to stock everything from Sotheby league. Parallel imports, since such as fake there is not any, please order with confidence. In-Stock Items are If we receive your order before 12 o'clock noon, you can also send it out on the same day.

Authentic brand that continues to make this thing of professional use "Canada Goose" was founded as an outdoor garment expert workshop in his 1957.
Soon to start the down-making, made of authentic focused its sights on people who work in the near region in the Arctic is, it is praised from the famous expedition and Antarctic Expedition, also adopted a number of public special institutions such as the police and military It has led to.
Canada Goose to continue to make a real gear with excellent functionality, with the support and with enthusiastic confidence, has established an impregnable position as a down brand to represent Canada.

To use, the best duck down of Alberta, Canada production.
It blended with a small amount of small feather and down ball carefully selected, high quality down of 625 fill power by the Canada Goose unique formulation.
Carefully packed in a down pack by the hands of craftsmen, it is stitching so that there is no bias down.

Fur with a mounted volume sense of hood, use only the coyote fur of natural native Canadian was Shitome.
Coyote of hair even in sub-zero temperatures unlike other far less likely to freeze, is characterized by Furiotoseru easily even if snow is Furitsumo'.

Jointly developed with fiber manufacturers in the 1980s "ARCTIC TECH (Arctic Tech)" is a masterpiece fabric standard model of his Canada Goose has continued to use.
The polyester and cotton mixed, achieving a durable and water-repellent by applying a Teflon.
Fabric excellent breathability play the snow, it has a rugged texture in touch with Halifax.

Side Double zip pocket of distinctive WYNDHAM (Wyndham)
Long taken the distinctive side pockets in vertical, excellent storage capacity has been separate up and down on the inside.
In addition also equipped with an inner pocket with elastic to the inside of the left pocket.
Double zipper can be opened and closed from either up and down, also makes active as a hand warmer pocket.

Middle length of casual design
Casual silhouette finished slightly short of the middle-length.
Since the draw cord is attached to the hem, regulation silhouette with or squeezed with a waist portion is also possible.
Food is because it is removable, you can add varies depending on mood and coordination.

Detail was excellent from the body of the core in warm warmth
The neck is close to the top of the zipper with stand-up collar and prevent cold air from entering, firmly kept warm neck if Tomere a recap Chin warmer.
The cuffs equipped with a Nittokafu of rib knit, tightly fit on the wrist, and then shut out the cold air from the cuff.
Coyote fur Koritsuka not even in sub-zero temperatures are also equipped with, it is the best down jacket in winter.

FUSION FIT modestly slim-fit line
Canada Goose is slim and easy to size arrangements to fit in to Asia for "FUSION FIT" line.
Not as great as the home country model, as Japan limited model is not the slender, is the feeling of size finished modestly slim fit silhouette.

※be careful
Fringed fur in Canada Goose of the hood, it is made using the hair of coyotes. As the animal there is a difference of each personality and growth, there are individual differences of by products such as the length of the hair color and hair foot. In advance on the understanding, please order.

Sizing chart
size Width of a garment Length shoulder width Sleeve Length
XS size 48cm 67cm 43cm 63cm
S size 51cm 68cm 43cm 64cm
M size 53cm 69cm 45cm 65cm
L size 57cm 71cm 46cm 67cm
XL size 60cm 72cm 50cm 69cm
※ Some errors may occur with the above size table data and actual dimensions.

Product information

brand CANADA GOOSE Canada Goose
Founded in Toronto, Canada in 1957. People and Antarctic expedition living in a cold land, such as the Everest expedition, continue to provide a lot of products to professionals brand. Among the bandwagon to transfer production locations in Asia and other countries, armed with solid technical force to continue to always innovation and strict product control, also attractive attitude that is Good for production in the "Made in Canada". It gives us a joy to wear the best of down.
Product name Canada Goose Wyndham CANADA GOOSE WYNDHAM 3808MA
Material Surface: 85% polyester cotton 15%
Lining: 100% nylon
Rib parts: acrylic 76% polyester 21% polyurethane 3%
Filling: 80% Down 20% Feather
Far part: Coyote
Country of origin Canada

Size suffering in Canada Goose life is mono. Or really What which my size is? Size that suits you is I think that actually larger customers who do not know and do not try to try.

Therefore, in our shop in order to eliminate the anxietyOnly once shipping cost in exchange (one way) will bear.Moreover, not only the size, such as when arrived color is different from the image,Similarly, when you want to exchange to other color it will bear only once.

Size exchange will be accepted only if there is a size. We recommend that you consider as soon as possible while you have the size.

Notes at the time of exchange
And exchange will be a one-time per person. (Second and subsequent will be Please bear)

Unused of fitting only, you only accessories equipped with such tags. (It will not be replaced by state)

And exchange desired products will be eligible only if you can offer. (In the case of sold out, thank you acknowledge)

And returned goods are not eligible. It will be subject only exchange.

Flow of exchange
1. Product name you wish to exchange, color, please contact us by e-mail or phone the size of our shop.

2. Please send the goods by prepayment to our shop. (Postage paid by the customer)

3. Once we receive the goods, we will ship a replacement worth of goods in the advance payment. (Postage our burden)

4. After the completion of dispatch, will receive a dispatch connection by e-mail.

Reservations provisions (Please confirm before ordering)
  • This reservation product is scheduled to be in stock are sequentially scheduling.
    For customers who have received your reservation, we will contact you of the stock on a first come, first served basis.

    In addition, although there is indeed grateful, even if I received your reservation, by discontinued or reduced production,
    Inventory there is a thing that can not be secured. Please note.

    It should be noted that, for the products that we had a reservation, when production stopped and specification changes, and we learned is,
    I will immediately contact you to the customer, as soon as I have you understand that, you will be allowed to proceed again orders.

    The method of pre-order
    I will select the color of your choice, please put the cart a pre-order.
    After you put in cart will be the same flow as the normal order.
    I will proceed along the cart of flow, please confirm the order.
    You will receive a confirmation email from our shop to the next business day.
    Upon arrival products, we will send it out on the contact us.

    About time of arrival
    Time of arrival is model, size, has become a different by color, it is scheduled to come to sequentially stock.
    Excuse me, but we do not If you would like to contact the shipping status, such as stock delay. Upon arrival, contact us, we will send it out.

    About bundle order
    For reservations item is the stock situation is different from the normal, can not be bundled with other products.
    On completing the checkout Items Now, please order the other products.

    About settlement
    If you wish to pay in settlement of non-cash on delivery, it will be paid in advance.
    Since the payment of your order after the date of any goods before shipping will occur, please note.

    About shortage due to production cutbacks and B goods
    If you can not prepare your desired product due to a total, a production and B products, etc.
    Canceled and refunded.
    Cash on delivery or bank transfer · · · Cancel
    Credit card settlement · · · Refund
    Sorry, thank you very much for your understanding.

    Cancellation, change
    Cancellation after reservation order, change can not be accepted for any reason.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    About replacement after delivery
    We accept exchanges only if you have the desired color or size stock.
    If you wish to be sold out, you can not receive it.

    As you ordered, we consider that you agree with the reservation provision.
    Excuse me, but please understand and cooperate.


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