Real store information

Shop info
Our shop was born in 1990 as a jeans shop JF.
Changed James Fabled and the store name in 1995 and renewed as a reatreat on April 1, 2013.

In our shop, regardless of domestic and abroad, we handle carefully selected and carefully selected rare products all over the world.

The criteria for products selected by our shop are "rare".
Shop name, concept express its thoughts.
It is a rare product that we are worthwhile and pleasure and satisfied products are rare products we want to deliver to our customers.

Shop concept

Shop concept

Our shop is described as "LEA + RARE" and reads "Ratorea".
The origin of the name is "Rea Treau" with "Rare (LEA) and Rare (RARE).

It is a homewise that adds Hawaiian LEA and English RARE.
"Reatlela" has three thoughts.

Three thoughts

1.RARE = ​​【English】 Rare: Unusual and rare and high value products
2. LA = [Hawaiian] Rare: pleasure, fun, feel happy
3. Larea = [Hawaiian] Larley: Enjoy your life

We want to deliver high value products and feel joy and happiness
And let's enjoy life happy through fashion!

A shop that embodies such a thought is "Reatlela".

Our shop is "Fashion Surprise".
Supply fashion that meets your needs.

We supply surprise (surprise) such as exciting and pounding in fashion.

LEA + RARE (Rea Trea)
4-4-23, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City Minato Ward 4-4-23
TEL: 06-6576-7874 (phone, fax combined)
Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays also open)
Train: 2 minutes on foot from Metro Central Line Osaka Port Station (Exit 1)
Cars: Hanshin Expressway Gulf Line, 5 minutes from Tenbozan Seitage