We summarized frequently asked questions and their answers.
If you do not solve it with the following information, feel free toInquiry formPlease inquire more.

About orders

As for your order for your order, we will ship in the day for your order. What is not specified in the arrival date of the product is as follows.

Honshu: The next day (Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region, Akita Prefecture is the day after the day)

Kyushu region: The next day (some of the remote islands are the next day)

Hokkaido:two days later

Okinawa:two days later

※ The above becomes a standard

It may be delayed from the scheduled date due to the weather and traffic conditions. In addition, for products that can not be prepared on the day, it may be time before and after a week before and after.
※ If you have specified your hemes, it will be shipped the next day at the shortest. Please be aware in advance.

In our shop, we have received orders as follows.

Order up to noon: Call for the day
Order after noon: Call for orders for the next day

If you have not received an order confirmation email from our shop after 18:00 the order of your order, no mail has not been sent, or the customer's email address has been processed as a spam, Such will be considered.

There is a fee available, but please email me to our shop again or by phone.

If the product does not arrive at the scheduled delivery date and time of the shipping mail sent from our shop, please check the "Contact Document Number" in the shipping email with the luggage tracking service of Kuroneko Yamato.
Luggage tracking services can be checked below.


Or, we will check the details if you have contacted our shop. Please feel free to contact us.

Please note that you can not meet the desired day delivery for the weather and traffic circumstances.

Please contact our shop by 15 o'clock on the scheduled shipping date to cancel your order.

If you contact after the above time, your order product has already been shipped.

If you contact cancellation after shipment shipment, it will be returned for return after receiving. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

About the return exchange

In our shop, within 7 days after arrival of the product, it is a supported period of support exchange.

Please feel free to contact us when you need to change the product size exchange, exchange with another product, and product return.

When you return, please fill in the required items in the back of the delivery statement, and then fill in the required items and replace it with the product.

Details are informed on the following page.

→ About returned goods / exchange

About Gift Wrapping

We accept gifthrapping for free in our shop. If you wish, please specify when ordering.

If you do not wish to ship the delivery note, please specify that way. If not specified, it will be included with the product.

If you are ordering multiple points, please let us know if you would like to laptles, individual wrapping, individual wrapping.
If you do not specify especially if you do not specify it, we will comply with the lapping. (If not grouped or if it is good if it is good, it will be individual wrapping if our shop is judged)

In addition, individual wrapping is up to 3 points. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

※ There is a product that can not respond to some part lapping

About the product

Depending on the product, it may be possible to restock it.
We will confirm if you contact us for product name, color, size, and quantity.
Please feel free to contact us.

Products are up to 7 days. Your desired customerInquiry formOr please contact us by phone.

Note that if you do not contact us even after the departure time limit, it will be canceled automatically when 7 days will be canceled.

About the hem

For products you purchased in our shop, you can accept the hem.
If you wish, please contact us once before you send to our shop.

It is finished with the original stitch and the yarn used as much as possible, but it is not the same thing as the same as not.

When you wish, fix it with a macro, pin, clip and send it to our shop.
It is quite good to specify the direct finish dimensions in centimeters. (Error by measuring method Please note in advance)
The time required for the hem is about 1 to 3 days.

Although the hardship of the product purchased in our shop is done for free, the return shipping fee of the product will be borne by the customer.

Customers who wish to hue before shipping will be delivered before shipping if you specify the finished dimensions when ordering.

However, products that have rejected before shipping are not eligible for size conversion and return support. In addition, if you request the hem opening before shipping, it will be shipped the next day of your order.

Customers who wish to hit the stem of the product that will shrink after washing, and customers who want to be a hem change in the order will be indicated in the remarks column when you order. We will correspond to the hem raising in length considering the shrinkage.

However, even in the same product, the science, production time, washing drying method results in an error in the shrinkage. Please be aware in advance.

Excuse me, but it is not a service for water washing & drying at our shop.
Somehow please understand.

Chain stitching is also supported in our shop.

The sewing machine that is used is an old sewing machine, and is one of the rare sewing machines used for repairing replica jeans.

Please note that the sewing thread is close to the product as possible, but it is not exactly the same.

The hem of the goods purchased in the other store is not currently receptionist.
Please accept your understanding.

Unfortunately, we do not have a reception now.
Please accept your understanding.

About overseas shipment

We can use our site for sales of this site.

After shipment confirmation, the shipment of the commodity is sent by EMS. Please note that shipping and tariff will be your burden.