About Item

About the size notation
Size table in the commodity page, we describe the "actual size", which was measured on the actual product.
Against the measured size and the size of the commodity to be purchased, customers Please see what you want.

In addition, there is a case where measurement numerical value becomes the measuring position and methods are different. In addition, there is the case that the error of a few cm occurs depending on the product.
Because of our own measurement methods, there is a case that is different from the size representation of the brand.

Measuring method of our shop, we have guidance in the following page.
→ How to measure the size

About Color
Image of the product, we have a published in shades close to real as possible, but there may look different from the actual color to the environment, such as a monitor or device that you see. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Handling of goods (washing)

Before using the products, "notes on the handling," which is described in the tag, etc., please be sure to confirm the "Washing".

For re-hem of after the delivery
The commodity was purchased in our shop, it is possible to hear a re-hem.
If you would like, please do not once contact us before you send to our shop.

It finishes in what the original as close as possible to the yarn that has been stitching and use, please ask in advance after acknowledging that there is no one exactly the same.

Machi needle to finish part is the case of hope, pin, please dispatch until addressed to our shop and secure it with the clip.
Even if you specify directly to the finished size in centimeters it is fine. (Error due to the measuring method Please note)
In addition, the time required to re-hem is about 1 to 3 days.

Re-hem of the goods you have purchased in our shop we have carried out free of charge even if you ask many times, but the round-trip shipping of goods will be borne by the customer.

For pre-shipment of re-hem
If you wish to ship before the re-hem, it will be delivered from finished your fix before shipping if it is possible to specify your finished size when ordering.

However, products that your fix in before shipping are not covered by the size conversion and return support. Also, if I received your request hemming before shipment, it will be sending out the next day of your order in the shortest.

Customers shrinkage after washing is desired non-wash (not wash) re-hem of products occurs, please specify as "hemming hope in such a way that after washing ○○ centimeter" in the remarks column when ordering. Hemming will correspond in length in consideration of the shrinkage rate.
However, the season in the same product, production period, the error will result in shrinkage by washing drying method. Please be aware in advance.

For layaway items
Layaway product, we have been up to seven days. If you wish, please contact us by e-mail, or telephone.

It should be noted that, when there is no also contact us after the lapse of reserve of the deadline, will automatically be canceled at the time that has elapsed for 7 days Please note.