Limited leather tray for not for sale

"I want to buy!"
Even if you have such a nice request, you can not be selled unfortunately.
So-called,For not for salesomething like.

The new official site of our shop, LEA + RARE (Rea Trea) leather tray produced in commemoration of the opening of the same apples for it.

This isSpecial items prepared by noveltyThat's it!


LEA + RARE (Reatraea) Leather Tray


Expand a lot of popular leather lessons,ESPERANTO (Esperanto)A limited leather tray that our shop specifically apologizes.

Outstanding Italian leather "Botero"Used, finished in luxurious specifications full of luxury!

Color also prepares six colors and colorful.

In the center, we have not been able to improve our launch of our shop, LEA + RARE (Rea Trea).
Is it a good feeling?



Leather tray that can be used variously according to the application.

For example, things that have been handed down every day like a key.
If you put this leather tray at the front door, you can keep your home, bicycle, car kagery.
There is no concern that the key will disappear. It is good that the front door is fashionable.

In addition, we will buy a role in organizing your desk.
If you combine Penn and Notes into the leather tray, it will not be complicated and it will be clean around the desk!
Above all, you can produce a "possible man" atmosphere

Besides, it is placed in glasses, and put a small snack, put a slight snack and put it on the living desk.
This leather tray that can be used with something to use according to the application, etc., and it will be useful and convenient.



So, not for sale, but how can I get it? ?

This leather tray is our shop,In the new official site of LEA + RARE (Rea Trea) (, customers who have purchased over 20,000 yen for more than 20,000 yenDoing.
(You need to enter a keyword)

A little bit of fall Winter products and summary of sale products? ?

A considerable quantity was prepared, but the number has decreased gradually, so consider in stock! !

For details such as conditions, please refer to the page of here.

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