Two fittings that can be selected with MANUAL ALPHABET

Hello, it is the West Exit of Lea + Rare (Rea Trea).

The other day's blog gives you the attraction of the standard shirt of Manual Alphabet (manual alphabet), but did you see?

yet! If you say, please read it! !

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MANUAL ALPHABET Classic Shirt What is the attraction?


Well, this time in the standard shirt of the Manual AlphabetTwo fittingsI will introduce you to Fukaba.

■ Two fittings to choose

· Suitable Fit (Suzable Fit)

Suitable Fit (Suitable Fit) proposes wearing at just sized.

As the meaning of "Suitable = appropriate", it is a proper and clean stylish fitting.

Silhouette is a little thinner line, shoulder width and sleeve width slightly set.

In addition, by narrow the width of the yoke (the switching part from the shoulder to the back) and put box pressing on the back side, it realizes the ease of wearing when wearing it is a clean look.

It is a characteristic fit that is easy to wear with sophisticated slender silhouettes that can be supported in the jacket style.


· BULGING FIT (Balging Fit)

It is BULGING FIT (Balging Fit) proposed with a classic room with a certain silhouette.

As the meaning of "BULGING = bulge", it is adjusted to a spacious sizing.

Have rooms on the shoulder width and the bust, and have a wide case of a wide-handed casual atmosphere.

Similar to Suitable Fit, the yoke width is narrow and the detail is adopted with the motility that adopted box press.

It is a spacious casual and suitable for the current trend that is ideal for everyday use, but this bulging fit.


■ Fitting comparison

So, the feeling of wearing with the actual feeling is different?

So, I was wearing the front man of our shop, the actual store manager Ueda!

Height: 165 cm / body weight: 57 kg

Size 1 (S) of Suitable Fit (S)

Overall sense of wear wear


Size 2 (M) of Suitable Fit (STARTABLE FIT)

Just size with moderately unpowered width and sleeve width


BULGING FIT (Balging Fit) Size 1 (S)

A sense of wearing with a moderately moderate relaxing

BULGING FIT (Balging Fit) Size 2 (M)

Overall large wearing feeling



■ We can use it for coordination

As you can see in the above wearing image, the same collar type, the same fabric, the same size, and the same size changes with the atmosphere.

Since Suitable Fit is a slender, it is ideal for some inner of jacket style. Because it is overall, it is around the chest when I lay it, and I can not help around my arms.

On the contrary, BULGING FIT is a relaxing wearing feeling, so it is ideal for casual coordination. Because there is a room in width, it is nice to have a winter, and I'm glad that it has no longer swelling.

It is recommended to use fit and sizes with coordination in such a feeling.

Actually, I, the West Exit and Suitable Fit Size 3 (L) for Sweater Inner. BULGING FIT Size 2 (M) is used in casual single sheets.


■ Summary

How was that?

Classic shirt of MANUAL ALPHABET that can be selected for fitting, it is quite deep.

There are various types of fabric shirts and fabrics, but it would be possible to introduce again again!

So, we introduced two fit about the standard shirt of Manual Alphabet.

Come, find fit and size that match your physique and coordinate!

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