MANUAL ALPHABET Classic Shirt What is the attraction?

The basic shirt I cool Kikonaseru people, I think Naa's an adult.

I think you many things be to collectively as "shirt".
That it basic things something button-down shirt of Oxford What standard mode.

Bishitsu and Tide up at work, in the off in casual Notai.
Recently was established as one of style, are items that do not also essential in Bijikaji something.

Then, basic things about what the quality appears to vividly.
That's why, basic shirt is mon I want to choose a "good thing".

In, ... Speaking of classic shirt brand shop to recommend?
that's right.MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet)is not it!

Treats almost 10 years for the first time at the other shop it has passed, but the embodiment is not not completely still tell its charm or ...! ! !

So Omoitachi, there is a previous positions at shirt shop experience I, the west is its appeal with plenty deep!

And, this time by say, we will introduce the classic shirt of the MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet)!


■ What I manual alphabet brand?

MANUAL ALPHABET have never wearing items of (manual alphabet). Would like you to know first also to such people is, brand concept and its background.

It's a refreshing brand image that was a zing, but I have a warmth of the firm and artisans in the background.


Brand concept

"Adults make can enjoy Shirt" the listed in the theme, basic, yet craftsmen feel the warmth domestic shirt manufacturers brand development, MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet).

Simple, yet, appearance that apart from the other.
It is, because the exchange with the temperature at which designers and craftsmen have been over many years is alive deep in the shirt.

Delicate nuances of handwork, cherish a rich look with the fabric, yet authentic, somewhere new. The brand has continued to propose a universal and attractive products even in such a time of the era.


Japan craftsmen sewing

Classic shirt MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet) has been produced in dress shirt professional factory in Osaka.

To sewing from the cutting of the fabric is made in this one of the factory, I craftsmen skilled in without using the automatic machine or the like is carefully sewn in one by one their hands.

But it was secret polite handwork by skilled craftsmen in Japan is to feel the warmth.


Quality and price balance of

Cheap and decent shirt. Although find if you look in various ways, after all "decent" shirt is, "decent" ones. Or was the silhouette and detail is Hinmoto, or worse soon tired.

To say whether, unfriendly to your wallet at the price of more than 20,000 yen and seek high-quality shirt. . .

MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet), the characteristic of is cost also considered important, yet high-quality domestic production.

In other words, the height and reasonable balance of the price of quality is excellent!

Domestic sewing, of course, such as from the member, such as a button being used silhouette, such as robustness that and love you long, while a shirt up a notch to achieve a reasonable price, is what "adult can enjoy Shirt".


■ commitment detail

In, in fact, how much No detail obsessed?
So, some introduction to deep the point at which I would like to especially attention.

- 2 types of collar type

MANUAL ALPHABET current choice of collar type, in the classic line of (manual alphabet) There are two types. Button-down collar and, band color.

Button-down collar

Button-down collar that can be used from Ametlla coordination to Bijikaji. Korezo shirt! It is a collar type of standard mode that.

Role of the feather collar worrisome in the button-down. Of course, button-down of the MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet) is finished in a clean roll.

The length of the wing collar is I us to pat corresponding to 7.5cm a so tied up! That's cheaper shirt, but it is do often this role does not come out clean.


Band collar

Band color Another collar type has been firmly established in the standard in the last few years. A casual omission sense is the perfect collar type coordination.

MANUAL band color of ALPHABET (manual alphabet), the collar-type front is 2.5cm, back there a little height that is set to the height of 3.0cm.

By this height is, it's finished in exquisite balance collar peek from a quick glance and neck when it wore a cardigan or jacket on top.


- polite winding felled

MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet) of the shirt is characteristic that beautiful even when viewed from the back.

Seam allowance, which is called the folding lie down rid the armholes and the sides have adopted the sewing specification invisible.

In addition, the side has been sewn by a thin winding felled about 2mm than usual over the under sleeve from the height of the Japanese craftsmanship, makes you feel that it is a polite and finish feel the warmth.


And technology shines modus operandi behind the processing

And good shirt, not even so-shirt. Or know quite see this modus operandi (the opening portion of the cuff).

Not really shirt, but I do or come out the end of the fabric to the modus operandi back, good-shirt I do this is not.

Of course, the modus operandi behind the MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet) has been carefully processed. So, it's a clean impression to not see the seam allowance even I sow a jerk and sleeves.


- of the same yoke and luxury shirt Fukuronui

Parts of the portion covering the shoulder, which is called a yoke. Shoulder side, and I do not see the seam is also in the table on the back side specification.

In the specification, called the construction yoke, I detail in pursuit of the beauty of the back style by not show in the table stitch.

In sewing specification also in our shop has been adopted even luxury shirt brand with a handle "Individualized Shirts (Indiana visualize de shirt)", it gives a smart impression.


- expressive shell button

Brand name original buttons engraved casually the character of the MANUAL ALPHABET of.

The plastic homeopathic be different even lid taste, shell button that finished in a deep look at the natural luster.

Looking at the back, it is also good feeling red and green of the shell of the shell Peeking.


Silhouette to choose in the preferences and applications

The classic line of the MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet) is, I'm two fit is present.

A Suitable Fit (Sue Portable fit) proposed in the snug, Bulging Fit proposed in the classic clear a silhouette (Bal Managing fit).

Clean Suitable Fit (Sue Portable fit) that can be used to clean, is feeling Bulging Fit that can be used to comfortably casual (Bal Managing fit).

This difference in fit, and since you tell the details in another blog, to enjoy.


■ Summary

How was that?

The classic line of MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet), is its charm happy if can tell even a little.

Although we love a few pieces of shirt of myself MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet), without having to get tired by turning wearing a one-year Heavy Rotation in, about which is a good atmosphere in the texture Kutatsu by that clad rather is.

Come, everyone also enjoy the splendor of this shirt!

MANUAL ALPHABET (manual alphabet)
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