E-VERGOODS (EVERGOODS), recommended model and attractiveness of the model

"EVERGOODS (Ebergudzu)," which I would recommend to find out, "Don't you have a good lick?"

"Katsute is good and looks good, and I don't have too much look at him."Especially Osseme to find a bagbrand like that!

As for the use and appearance of Katsute, it may be more appropriate to say, "It is still less likely to be worn by people now" in terms of "people don't wear much."

Because this Evergret was started in 2017, it has only been four years since it started, and it is generally a relatively new brand that has yet to be fully recognized.So it's a brand that will not be used right now.

Even if it is good to be difficult to wear with people, I think you might think that "it is an imiichi because there is little experience or experience with new brands," but I don't want to worry about that.

The founder and designer who founded the Evergood-d had a great backbone in their backbone.

Ebergds, the founders of the two buckbones have been amazing.

Jack Barley, a research and development team at Patagonia, is a member of the product planning of GoRuck and is independent of the company.

In the outdoors industry, it is not too much to say that Patagonia is the top class, and the Evergds, which are formed by two experienced goacs with a backbone in a millitary backbone, have a strong backbone, and are very high quality despite the new brand.

The brand name coming from the concept is also a good idea.
The concept is that we want to create something that doesn't change beyond our time, but that has universal values.
Ever Good has become the EVERGOODS, which is always the same as the best.

No, it's a good concept.

Good-to-use and stylish design

Ebergs' products are produced by taking into account the use of outdoors backpacks and strong and stylish design that matches the lifestyle of the city, aiming to "integrate urban and outdoor environments."So, it is an ideal balance to make it easier to use, even though it's fashioned to do.

Simple bags are easy to meet and have a high level of general-purpose coding.

Recommended products for EVERGOODS (Ebergds)

The previous position has been somewhat longer, but we will introduce two models of the recommended product in a strict selection from the current lineup of our store.

The recommended merchandise is Cochilla!



I recommend that you see the fact that the office's official image is so easy to understand rather than to write unticks for a long time.

Would you like a raft?

When you watch the video, I think it's almost unnecessary to explain how to use it, but I'll give you a description of Detiel as a supplement.


The silk threads that make up the dough employ the 500 or 420 denale nylon 6.6, which has a strong strength, which is strong in tear and heat.The glossy surface is resistant to wear, "outdoors" teists, and it is a beautiful finish. The flat-weave nylon, where all vertical threads and yarn are intersected evenly, is made by weaving the vertical thread and the yarn equal to 1: 1, which is the strength of the torn and the wear over the whole direction.


A YKK RC (Racket coil) zipper designed for heavy cargo that can withstand strong load and repetitive opening and closing is employed. With the most stringent performance requirements, precise coils and DWR-plucked water treatment prevent the Zipper's damage and maintain high water resistance.

Shoulder Harness

The Shoulder Harness uses an EVA form with a small and homogeneous tapering diameter.By uniformly the density of the entire form, it is possible to uniformly distribute the shoulders on the shoulders, thus preventing aging in the form of aging.


It is the ebergads that are likely to become even more popular in the future. It's not a temporary boom, but a brand that produces such a stuffed product that you want to keep using for a long time.

The goods that have already been sold out in Palapala will be repurchased, so I'll beg you for it!

The list of Evergood's products is Cochilla.